Extend the Lifespan of Beloved Beauty Goodies with BEAUTILITY’S Beautiscoop!

Extend Your Summer Beauty with BEAUTILITY®

Save money and make the most out of your products all season long

Tired of getting to the end of your beauty products and throwing away your semi-empty tubes?
With a little help from BEAUTILITY‘s recoup BEAUTISCOOP, getting the most out of your foundation has never been easier!
The BEAUTISCOOP lets you use every drop of your foundation without having to destroy your bottles or make a mess.
This new “beauty spatula” is a must have for any beauty queens makeup kit!


Before you toss out that nearly empty tube or give up on that almost finished bottle of lotion, learn to extend the life of your beauty products with BEAUTILITY’s recoup BEAUTISCOOP™

Scoop out every smidge with this groundbreaking, solution-oriented tool.


When you calculate how much you actually spend on makeup and beauty products in just one year, you quickly find it’s probably enough to pay for that trip you’ve been trying to take for the last six months.

It’s not worth getting those cheap products that don’t work with your beauty regime.

 Find out how you can get more bang for your buck using BEAUTILITY’s recoup BEAUTISCOOP™:

  • Vibrant and Versatile: Available in a crisp green and white color, this flexible tool’s patented dual scoop design allows you to get every last drop of your beauty. From lotion to lip gloss, makeup to moisturizer, serum to shampoo, the scoops fit into the narrow openings of any container to capture every ounce.
  • Patented Technology: No wait, no waste with this unique tool. The scoop collapses to fit through any tight opening, and then flares back out to cling, capture and cradle product without spilling.
  • Scoop and Save: The recoup BEAUTISCOOP® works with ease and, even better, pays for itself over and over as you scoop and save. An essential tool for any woman to recoup her beauty, time, and money.
  • Keep it Clean: This multi-functional product is easily cleaned with soap and water or makeup wipes for various use.
Throwing out our cherished beauty products is never fun. Make your summer beauty must-haves last much longer with the recoup BEAUTISCOOP™!

The recoup BEAUTISCOOP® is available in two color combinations, and an 8” and 11” length for tall body lotion, shampoo and conditioner bottles.

The product is sold 8” devices separately or in a DUO set including the 8” and 11” devices. 

It is currently available for purchase at www.LIVEBEAUTILITY.com, various spas and boutiques.


BEAUTILITY® founder, Michelle Gast, set out to create a company whose tagline, “beauty on purpose,” is evident in both their problem-solving products, and in their mission to uplift women and help solve bigger problems.

With a focus on purpose, rather than pretention, BEAUTILITY® combines beauty and utility with revolutionary products like the recoup BEAUTISCOOP® and recoup BEAUTISCOOP PRO®, innovative tools that help women get the most out of their beauty.

The idea of giving back is at the heart of the company – a portion of every product’s profits will go towards partnering with global initiatives that fight poverty and injustice around the world.

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