Fase Factory SS2018

The Spring Summer 2018 collection includes 45 pieces of menswear, womanswear and unisex divided into 3 categories: FITNESS, CASUAL and FASHION.
The FITNESS line is designed for both sports and daily use, the aesthetics are strongly linked to an “old school” sportswear and fitness style as the material’s selection and the colour palette.
The CASUAL line is the middle ground between the fitness and the fashion world, it maintains the technical features of sportswear whiles playing around with fashion trends.
 The many details and patterns used within the garments take inspiration from the base-ball uniforms.
On the other hand, following a clean “Nordic” style, the functionality of detachable pockets are inspired by military uniforms.
The FASHION line navigates in the world of experimentation, with the use of unusual fabrics and more exuberant forms than the rest of the collection.
The materials used are cotton/tyvek and cotton/membrane.
A conceptual-street style with a futuristic taste.
The oversized volumes of the clothing’s aesthetics take close inspiration to the Japanese style.
Flavia Grazioli is a fashion sportswear designer born in Rome.
Coming from a military background in her family, Flavia got her degree at Politecnico di Milano.
Passionate about Japanese fashion and culture, with a high attention to functionality and practicality, her style is distinctly influenced by Northern European Design: basic wear, often oversized, clean and refined at the same time.
 She is now Production Coordinator at “La Rocca” for a series of brands including, among others, Emporio Armani, Fendi, Griffin, Fusalp, and Designer and Manager of brand FASE FACTORY.
Previously, she worked in Fendi’s Advertising Department in Rome for 2 years, and collaborates as illustrator with different companies such as Fendi, Rizzoli, and CultRise.
 “Fashion is a social phenomenon, which reflects the needs of any given age. Today we need to make our life simpler. We need garments which are practical, comfortable and easy to use.”

Her creations consistently reflect her life philosophy.

FASE was born in June 2016 within La Rocca, a leading sportswear production company.
The aim was to create a brand that included both fashion and sportswear, and that had the flavour of the many collaborations we have seen rising in the last year between luxury and sportswear, while not being a temporary collection.
 FASE is a sportswear/urbanwear brand which uses the arrangements and the modelling techniques of sports/technical wear for everyday life.
Materials implied vary from technical fabrics, such as three layers bonded polyester, to English wools and more “traditional” cottons.
Concerning the styling of the garments, each outfit resembles occupational wear, each outerwear is strictly connected to its trouser, as if it was a one piece.
The result is a unisex oriented brand, enriched by its materials and technical arrangements, while maintaining a clean visual impact. 
FASE is an actual FACTORY, where the tailor sits near the prototype maker, and just one floor above the textile cutting department.
The modelling department constantly interacts with the product department and with designer Flavia Grazioli.
Every step, every amendment, every decision takes into account each stage of the project, in order to improve the making of the garment and to facilitate its industrialisation.
Each FASE garment has been numbered since the first collection FW17, just as the phases of production. 
The first garment to be designed was number ZERO, the second one was UNO and so on.
The first collection FASE FW17/18 was presented at Pitti Uomo 91 in January 2017, the second SS18 at Pitti Uomo 92 during last June 2017 and consequently at Artisanal Intelligence – Prove Tecniche di Trasmissione, Alta Moda Roma, last July 2017. 
We believe that the ongoing research around sportswear can facilitate and improve our everyday life. Functionality is qualityFlavia Grazioli.


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