How This Fashion Brand is Saving The World

 Aaina Jain and her brand Blu & Blue that is disrupting the children’s denim industry

There is a new era of sustainability in fashion.

No longer is such a word exclusively associated with hand-sewn hemp but simply with the understanding that, if we don’t start changing our patterns of consumption pretty soon, our collective futures will be in question.

Well-known brands are finally investing in new models of corporate responsibility – but even more remarkable is the fact that this movement is being driven by emerging talent in the industry.

Aaina Jain is one of these young pioneers: a former corporate marketing executive from the halls of Jo Malone and GAP, she launched her eco-friendly, sustainable and fashionable children’s denim brand, Blu & Blue in December 2015.

Rooted in the adage “Do what is right, not what is easy” and inspired by the traditional manufacturing techniques that she learned from her family as a child in India, Blu & Blue is one of the few vertically integrated independent companies that has control of their manufacturing and wholesale levels, allowing the company to meet quality excellence.

Blu & Blue’s ability to access premium fabrics from renowned mills world-wide along with their product design expertise, makes each item a well-designed, mindfully-made contemporary product with quality you can feel and style that will make you and your fashion forward off-spring happy.

All Blu & Blue fabrics are free of lead, phthalates, and flame-retardants.

To meet Jain’s high standards of excellence – every step of the design and manufacturing process, from start-to-finish, is conducted in-house.

Each item is thoughtfully designed, cut, stitched, ripped and repaired and washed at the family-owned, India-based state-of-the-art sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing and washing facility that has a 35 year heritage in creating quality denim for renowned private labels.

Here, special softeners and treatments are used to make the fabrics butter-soft for extra comfort and luxurious texture and look.

The company also uses “saliva friendly” fabrics that are pre-washed to ensure safe and super soft garments for even the youngest in your family.

Realizing how much wastage happens in the manufacturing of clothing, one of Jain’s primary concern is the control of and elimination of wastage.

Utilizing new technology, the Blu & Blue’s designs are cut and sewn with key attention to detail adapting innovative ways to avoid wastage.

All the water used in washing of garments is heated by solar panels, and then recycled for later use.

“Our facility has the capacity to process and treat 300,000 liters of chemical water per day.

We also heat 75,000 liters of water everyday using our solar water heating plant.

We care for our environment and have made effective policies to save trees and paper throughout the company,” says Jain.

Jain’s goal in creating Blu & Blue was to introduce a far superior, safer (and tested), contemporary clothing brand for children.

Employing the the highest standards of safety to ensure that each Blu & Blue products is safe for every child means:
∗ Every garment is passed through needle detector machines
∗ Blu & Blue only uses fabrics which are free of lead, phthalates, and flame-retardant
∗ All buttons are Nickel free
∗ Every Blu & Blue garment is tested for strength and durability.
∗ Each button used on each garments is passed through a 16 pounds pressure and 10 passes of thread for secure attachment and strength
∗ Every garment is tested for any lead contamination.

“Our mission is to do denim right,” says Jain.

“We care about our kids, our craftsmanship, and our heritage.

Each item is made with our customer in mind – a quality-conscious, fashion forward parent who values well designed, elegant, and sustainable clothing for their children.

Each product is thoroughly quality checked and given the Blu seal of approval before it is packaged and shipped to our retailers.”

Since its launch in December 2015, Blu & Blue has built a successful brand following with retailers, customers, influencers and celebrity fans.

The brand has rapidly grown and is appreciated by their customer following.

“There is something modern yet traditional about denim, and we embrace that in our clothing. Our clothes are wearable all year long and versatile enough to be dressed up or down.

We bring a whole new meaning to denim,” said Jain.

The brand’s meticulous craftsmanship and in-depth understanding of denim as a primary fabric have brought an originality and uniqueness that the market hasn’t seen before.

Aaina Jain’s vision of creating elevated denim clothing styles has taken Blu & Blue to the next level.

Blu & Blue’s seasonal collection’s focuses on contemporary, fashion-forward, safe (tested), and comfortable pieces.

They are adorned with beautiful hand embroideries, interesting denim techniques, washes, and variety of different fabrics that bring newness and uniqueness to each product.

Basics are brought back each season though the majority of the collection is fresh and stands out from anything else on the market.

Comfortable, soft, yet it’s durable to stand up to active playtime.

Some of the key items in the line include:
• Baby and Junior girl dresses with embroideries and special detailing such as pintucks, peter pan collars, trendy silhouettes and styles.
• Classic and European inspired denim jackets for boys and girls. The military style denim jacket with beautiful antique gold buttons is a must-have.

They are also known for  embroidered bomber jackets – detailed with intricate colorful embroideries, comfortable, and wearable all year long.
• The butter-soft, colorful, chemical safe rompers for babies are adored and very popular.

The rose romper and bloomer set and minted romper and bloomer set are offered in a beautiful soft red and mint green color cotton chambrays.

Lined with interesting prints, these rompers have been best sellers.
• The classic denim shirts and jeans detailed with studs and crystals, make them special and versatile pieces that can be worn to a play date or a birthday party!

For more information, visit Blu & Blue at
The product line is available at fine retailers in the U.S. and world-wide.

About Blu & Blue Launched in December 2015 by Aaina Jain, Blu & Blue is a premium denim clothing brand with a heritage of over 35 years experience in manufacturing premium denim. The collections have over 300 unique styles for boys and girls, (0-16 yrs).

Sold at fine retailers, the fabrics and trims are sourced globally from renowned mills in Japan, Italy, Turkey, and California.

The products are expertly made at the brand’s in-house state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in India.

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