Fashion Maniac Presents Flower Child

Photography & Runway by Cheryl Gorski
Video created by Kimberly Cohen
Music by Adam Rickfors – Colors Feat. Maylin

“Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.”

The Devil Wears Prada
by Carmina Suzanne

Runway photography by : Cheryl Gorski & Francis Son

Christopher Kane said “We live because of flowers and trees.

They produce oxygen. But we take them for granted.”

While this tends to lead to comparisons with various attributes of the female anatomy, at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 it meant hats, boys and clashing.

Floral fabrics lend themselves to endless iterations, from the species in the natural world to stylized or fantastical creations.

And yes, Miranda Priestly, they are most often flowy & floaty (check out this look from Venexiana), and being Spring/Summer the fabrics were not too structured, even for the menswear.

Also on expected, were lots of chiffons and Granny’s parlor floral prints, cut with ginghams and color-blocking.
But designers created their own blooming visions too: Deng Hao showed stunning embroidery; I was knocked out by the appliques that Zang Toi presented.

Naeem Khan’s drubbing on Fashion Police for the cha-cha-cha Carmen dress notwithstanding, I adooooore this garment.

Rebecca Minkoff’s easy, slouchy street style was totally rad look at how she mixed fabrics, patterns and sheers… fresh & hip!
Hao, from Shenzhen, China, sent mouth-watering couture looks.

Some hand-painted, they emphased traditional floral details (specifically the Queen herself, the rose) as the hallmark of his collections. Another way to vary the more expected floral gesture was by mixing (or clashing) materials and fabrications such as adding stripes next to or over the florals, lace inlays, or abstracting the floral element to the point where it’s more of a calligraphic flourish design– see what Dennis Basso did?!?

I liked the florals that were stylized enough to not be obviously, you know, floral.

The accessories weren’t left out either from custom millenary and headpieces (think 1971 hippie wedding) to the make-up, it was flowers, flowers everywhere.

Men, afraid to wear floral patterns? You could try going in gently…. or you could quadruple up!

And now go sip some rose-lavender iced tea while checking out Fashion Maniac’s own shoot highlighting the floral trend through vintage 40s and 70s cuts, rhinestone jewelry, and – you guessed it – floral prints.

Studio Photography by Cheryl Gorski

Hair and hair extentions by Steven Daniels

Makeup by Michelle Sperazz

Styling by Alan & James Walaski-Miller
Clothing and jewelry provided by Miss Josies


Managing Editor & Photographer of the Fashion Maniac team

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