Feminism meets Fashion

Top Fashion Trend summer 2017 : Feminism meets Fashion

by #stylebytamoralee

Spring/summer 2017& 2018 top fashion trends have stylists, buyers, editors and fashionista’s alike using fashion for a feminist spin-around- your-closet with many no-holds- barred interpretations of sheer, with its more tempting iterations to make you not only think again and but look twice.

Many fashionista’s are using fashion as a social statement to empowerment of women and gender equality.

The spirit of the feminism continues via the runways and fashion with the adoption of the more literal aesthetic of fashion where YOU make the rules.

Keeping in mind if there is that one trend that cropped up in the celeb world in such a major way this season, it’s sheer.

Crop tops for sure ruled 2016 but today many women from models to celebs continue to make their feminists stand with the use fashion.

Sheer shirts are not only making a feminism solidarity statement but it has become on of this summer’s 2017 hottest trends.

According the to group on WHY FREE THE NIPPLE?

Free The Nipple is a global campaign of change, focused on the Equality, Empowerment, and Freedom of all human beings.

Free The Nipple has become a premiere voice for gender equality, utilizing all forms of modern media, to raise awareness and effect change on various social issues, and injustices.

We believe that all human beings are created equal. We believe that the time for change is now. We believe that together, through one unified voice, we can affect change globally.

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