FF-1051 Gallery Presents: LOS TRACHAS | An exhibition of New Works By Alison Mosshart and Danny Zovatto

FF-051 Gallery Presents: LOS TRACHAS

An exhibition of New Works By Alison Mosshart and Danny Zovatto Curated by Holly Purcell

LOS TRACHAS: An Exhibition Of New Works By Alison Mosshart and Danny Zovatto

FF-1051 galleries current exhibition of new works by Alison Mosshart (of the band The Kills) and Danny Zovatto.

FF-1051 Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Alison Mosshart and Danny Zovatto. With all new pieces completed in LA from both Mosshart and Zovatto over the course of this past month, Los Trachas, curated by gallery owner Holly Purcell, is a vibrant and powerful intersection between both artists. From works across canvas to paper, lines jagged and crisp, to colors soft and arresting, Mosshart and Zovatto’s paintings draw the viewer in and don’t let go.  
Alison Mosshart’s work is a catalog of observations, obsessions and interrogations of self and everyone else and every place she’s been. Lead vocalist for famous rock bands the Kills and The Dead Weather, she has spent the last 26 years on the road performing and living a predominately transitory life.  
She has a particular penchant for fast cars and complex characters — the car a symbol of power, protection, function, simplicity, easy beauty.   
Her people — ever in flux — are the opposite, often painted with dubious double, triple, quadruple features, emphasizing conflicting feelings, desires and agendas.

She currently resides in Nashville, TN and Los Angeles.


By Danny Zovatto
Danny Zovatto describes his art as his story, his search. His paintings are rich with color and feeling, happiness and despair.
There is a color or a line for every thought and emotion he is driven by, a texture for every high and low, every curiosity, calamity and daydream.
His works are large and enveloping, lawless and true.

Danny Zovatto is a Costa Rican actor known for high profile roles such as his work in television in Here and Now and critically acclaimed horror movies It Follows and Don’t Breathe amongst much more. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

In Mosshart’s words, “A handful of months ago Danny Zovatto and I met in New York City.
We wandered the streets talking art and creativity, two strangers living on the same fumes, obsessing on the same things.
We laughed a lot, we were drunk a lot, never slept, and never shut the fuck up.
My pal at the time was up painting on the Bowery, and as fate would have it, invited us over and let us loose.
For the next few nights Danny and I went wild, painting, pacing, buzzing, all manner of colors flying around.
It was a total dream.
Once back in LA, we wanted to keep the crazy train rolling and took up residence in FF-1051 Gallery, picking up where we left off—Hollywood style.
“This is our show. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve made!”


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Holly Purcell, Director


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