Find a flawless, star quality finish for all your makeup looks

You need the Invisible Primer Eraser Liner!
 No more raccoon eyes after a long day at work or night out! 
And that’s not the only product you’ll love… 
Girlactik: A Makeup Must-Have Among The Hollywood Stars
Find a flawless, star quality finish for all your makeup looks
We’re all looking for the kind of radiant, brilliant beauty that celebrity stars achieve on all their exclusive events and appearance.
Steal a few tricks right from their beauty routines with Girlactik!
A renowned line of sophisticated shimmer makeup, this beauty brand outlasts the competition while sitting stunningly on the skin.

I absolutely love using the Face Glow highlighters and the Luminous Face Veil!! 

The quality and staying power are amazing. You really have a great line… I also love the Bronzer in Cabo and of course your lip paints. I love it all!!”

Celebrity Makeup Artist Lusine Galadjian @makeupbylusine
Glow like a star all at an affordable price!
Explore some of Girlactik’s makeup must haves:

Invisible Primer Eraser Liner ($17):  *

NEW* Want a flawless eye look?

Problem solved! When trying to do that straight liner on your lash line or achieving the smoky-eyed smudged look, imagine an eraser that removes any eyeliner mistakes – the invisible shadow primer/eraser.

Clean and wipe away any mistakes with the aid of the invisible clear chubby stick and a q-tip. T

he best part is, you get to double it up as a shadow primer to keep not only your eyeliner straight but your eyeshadow also in place.



Matte Lip Paint ($23):   

Every gal needs the right lip tools for their beauty collection.

Known as one of the original Liquid Lipsticks and BEST selling formula, YOU are the artist with the Long Wear Matte Lip Paint Liquid Lipstick.

Richly pigmented, this lip paint will dry down to a beautiful matte color that’s noticeably dramatic without the dryness or flaking will have your lips looking mattie-ful!

As as added bonus, you get 7.5ML – more than double of most brands in every tube!


Beautifully arched eyebrows are the key to a glam, gorgeous face!
Get a brow tool that creates that beautiful, natural looking brow you crave.
All you have to do is follow your unique eyebrow shape using small strokes to fill in and define.
Blend the color with its Spoolie on the other end for an effortless looking brow. Available in three flattering shades.
What are you waiting for?
Get your Girlactik beauty goods now to get your face just right.
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