The First Breathable Ring for Active Lifestyles!

Groove Ring is the world’s first breathable silicone ring! This means that you get both the comfort and function for your active lifestyle — no sweaty ring or wetness under the band area!

This is THE perfect ring for active lifestyles and those who love to play and work hard with their hands! 🙂 Groove Ring was created by an Alaskan Tour Guide, Peter Goodwin who wanted to provide folks with a tough, practical activewear in and out of the water.

Get Your Groove on with The First Breathable Silicone Active Ring 

Accessorize your adventure with Groove Rings  

Whether you’re an athlete, adventurer, “hands on” professional, or love to venture the great outdoors, Groove Rings are the active, silicone ring designed just for you. The world’s first breathable active ring that is not only comfortable, but functional, Groove raises the bar on traditional silicone rings with its flexible material, patent pending inner breathable design, and bold colors. For those who work hard with their hands, traditional precious metal bands just aren’t practical. They can snag on tools or clothing when working, damage sensitive materials, or even get lost when removed for safe keeping. Say goodbye to bothersome blisters from wedding rings with the innovative design of Groove Rings!

Launched on Kickstarter in December of 2015, Groove Original is what started it all. This durable product blew past its funding goal and created a company dedicated to combining function and high quality for anyone with an active lifestyle. While guiding people in the bush of Alaska, founder Peter Goodwin created Groove Rings to provide people with tough, practical active wear that can be used anywhere from the trail, gym or even on a date. With a snug fit in and out of water, intricate detail and design, this band packs a punch!

Discover the different ways Groove Rings’ revolutionary design keeps your fingers safe and stylish: 

  • Breathability: With patent pending breathable features, Groove is the first active silicone ring that keeps air moving in and allows moisture out. The infinity loops, airports, and inner arch lessen the contact of your finger with the ring, giving it some breathing room.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Did your ring rip off while rock climbing, or tear on the grocery cart while picking up dinner? Either way, you’re covered! If your ring ever rips, stretches, tears or you lose it, you can exchange or replace it.
  • Low Profile: With a super low profile, these soft, silicone rings are designed to be worn close to the skin. Having your active ring snug on your finger is essential to prevent from snagging on objects your hand comes into contact with on a daily basis.
  • Liquid Poured: The first type of ring to be liquid injected, this process gives Groove its perfected look with limited mold lines, checks or flaws!

Get your Groove on and bust out the bold, breathable design of this durable silicone ring. More than just a wedding band, Groove Rings beg to be worn, shown and tested every day – no matter what life may bring your way.

Make a statement with your activewear, visit to purchase the different Groove Ring designs. 

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