#FLOATY in Style for Fourth of July and Beyond

No pool party is complete without epic floats to bring fun and magic to your summer.

This Fourth of July, #FLOATY is a must for any party, crafted with beautiful colors, amazing quality and the easiest inflation there is (can be done with a blow drier)!

While traveling around the world, we realized what we had secretly known before–that the world is a magical place.

And so, we packed our bags on a journey through iridescent skies, lollipop forests, and a few rainbow farts to bring a little (or giant) piece of magic to your life.

#FLOATY is all about channeling these positive and magical vibes. This, of course, should come worry-free and hassle-free.

We use only high-quality, thicker, and more durable non-phthalates materials for safe and long-term usage.

Thanks to FLOATY‘s extra-large valve, it inflates in less than 5 minutes and self-deflates quickly once valves are open.

No special nozzle is required for inflation; simply use a hairdryer, toy air pump, or compressor.

It’s less hassle and takes less time, allowing you more time to create memories made to last and definitely picture worthy.

#FLOATY is the home of the original and patented Rainbow Unicorn float.
Crafted with beautiful curves, vibrant colors, and the utmost attention to detail, #FLOATY inflatable pool toys are made with only the highest quality, non-phthalate vinyl to ensure the finest floating experience.


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