From Foster Care to VOGUE & Harper’s Bazaar Best-Dressed List

With her flawless red carpet style, breakout film/TV roles, feature in
Harper’s Bazaar and VOGUE naming her “One of the Best Dressed at Cannes Film Festival,” we would love to arrange an interview with you Gianna Simone, whose remarkable story begins with growing up in the Boston foster care system, to become an inspirational actress and red carpet style icon who is now starring in the family comedy “Hitting the Breaks.”
Gianna is available to share with you her unlikely real-life foster care fairy-tale journey, burgeoning star power, D.I.Y red carpet hair/makeup/styling secrets (she does her own!), and her new TV series “Hitting the Breaks” that she co-produced and stars in.
Gianna found herself being passed from family to family in Boston‘s inner-city foster care system at age 14.
Taken out of her home by the Department of Social Services, she wound up at a girls’ home in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

She endured through abuse, fear and feelings of hopelessness-something the actress, who, in a strange life twist starred in MOTHER’S DAY alongside Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson, says no one should go through, let alone children.

Now available on the film and TV streaming service PURE FLIX, “Hitting The Breaks” follows ex-racecar driver Randy Wilcox who moves his family from Atlanta to a small town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado when he inherits The Serenity Inn, a struggling bed and breakfast previously owned by his parents.

Out of his element and insecure about his future, Randy‘s life is further complicated by an assortment of local eccentrics in a town that exists in an illogical world governed by rules that continue to baffle him.
Gianna stars as Sky Liberty, the vegan, rebellious hippie.
Guest star appearances are plentiful throughout the season, including Burt ReynoldsTim Tebow and Rob Schneider.
When not in front of the camera or producing, Gianna pours her heart into the Gianna Simone Foundation which is inspired by her own journey in foster care.

The mission of her foundation is to help provide rescue and wellness support to abused and neglected human beings and animals.


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