With fashion moving forward, it’s always great to know how to make your closet essentials transition from cubicle to cocktail.
Whether taking individual pieces or dresses – GirlBoy and Dan Liu know what it takes to go from cubicle to cocktail
Ever wondered how to make your day outfits fit into evening attire?
With the help of GirlBoy, transitioning your outfits will be easier then ever.
With the motto of helping women to break free from the norms of society and create their own definition of beauty, GirlBoy‘s line features clothes with a feminine aesthetic + masculine edge.
Taking suit jackets and trading them in for a leather one, or going from bell bottoms to slim fit pants, the collection embodies all the female aesthetics with a twist of boy.
There are no rules in fashion and now you won’t have to worry about breaking them at work either.
Feel both elevated, and comfortable in any setting. Plus featuring a fun twist, with jackets featuring fun artwork inside
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Structured, fit and quality make GirlBoy stand out for any person from day-to-day or outerwear.
Taking one staple item to build your outfit around is key, and the rest is history.
For the days when you feel your best in a dress – just throw on a blazer to let your boss know you are working hard, but after hours leave the blazer behind and grab your best clutch.
Want to add a flare to your evening, just add a pop of color with a GirlBoy coat for the perfect effect. No need to worry about being too professional during cocktail hour.
GirlBoy aims to empower women to become their own muse.
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From cubicle to cocktails wouldn’t be complete without some coats, or dresses that are made for easy dress-ups.
No matter the occasion, Dan Liu brings the elegance, romantic, and feminine touch to each setting.
With muted dresses that transition easily to work events, or a drink with the girl squad, and bold coats that continue to keep your fashion game ahead of the curve, Dan Liu has mastered transitional wear.

SEEN ABOVE: Dan Liu items from Fall/Winter 2017 Collection


With his vision to bring to life the beauty every women has inside.

Dan Liu focuses on shapes, texture, color tones mixed with detail to provide his staple looks.

Dressing your best is now simple with cute details that help elevate your day-to-day wear.


SEEN ABOVE: Dan Liu items from Fall/Winter 2017 Collection


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