Gabriel & Co. Presents: Norma Kamali: Designer, Trendsetter, Jewelry Lover

New York, NY- January 22, 2018

Gabriel & Co., the award winning and dominating force of the jewelry and engagement market, is proud to announce the next installment of the Designer Flash series featuring Norma Kamali.

Norma is simply sensational: a fashion legend, and pacesetter who is as fresh and innovative now as she was 40 years ago.

A female pioneer, who invented the now ubiquitous puffer coat and infinity dress, who made sweatshirts cool long before you realized they were, redefines feminine empowerment and what it means to be effortlessly chic.

Now more than ever, Norma’s belief that “a woman who is invincible will change the world” resonates globally.

Today her brand is focused on the combination of fitness, health, beauty, style and entrepreneurship.

The combination of these aspects and Gabriel’s Fine Jewelry

Everyday Collections, makes for an exciting and easy pairing that will always be in style.

Norma Kamali is not your average designer – she is the shining star on a cloudy summer night. In the ever-changing world of fashion, she continues to set the bar and then crash through the glass ceiling.
The New York native prides herself on perfecting her art and emphasizing the freedom to be creative.
Norma does not turn a blind eye to the fact that her creativity gives women the opportunity to feel empowered and to empower others.
Norma’s lifestyle concept transcends through generations, as well as her belief in the strength of the internet, ecomm and social media to engage with customers old and new.
Ease and accessibility always makes fashion more fun. That’s why I love using jewelry. In fact, I collect jewelry from old Hollywood films. I love the sound of it, the feel of it. Jewelry is so feminine and fun. Like the Gabriel pieces paired with my clothing for the Designer Flash shoot, they’re so light and happy, and go so effortlessly with everything. That’s what so special about jewelry. You can make your look unique without adding a lot.” –Norma Kamali
To bridge the gap between runway fashion and fine jewelry, the Designer Flash series provides vital information and showcases the idea that fine jewelry can also be every day jewelry.
So, what a thrill it was for us to pair her highly sensual and incredibly comfortable clothes with the polish and ease of Gabriel & Co.’s wide range of baubles. She loved it and so did we.
In fact, when we unwrapped the clothes for the shoot, the young women who work at Gabriel pled to shop the racks.
The complete Designer Flash Series collection brings designers from all walks of life and style together to showcase Gabriel & Co.’s wide range of offerings.
“Each designer-dedicated web page features four parts: a written interview; the designer’s selection of five new jewels from Gabriel & Co., along with a statement on each piece; the podcast, which can be viewed and downloaded; and a #GabrielNY section, which highlights each piece that the designers used to style the model in the on-page photos.
” Says Hal Rubenstein, host and Global Style Director.

The interview and podcast featuring Hal & Norma Kamali is online now, available at Gabriel and Hal Rubenstein.
About Gabriel & Co.:
Gabriel & Co. is a New York City based jewelry design house which was founded in 1989 by brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel.
Family owned and operated, the company began in New York City and has since evolved into one of the most prolific fine jewelry brands in the U.S., sold at more than 1,200 retailers nationwide.
The story of Gabriel & Co. is one of passion, integrity, service and trust.
Gabriel creates beautifully unique and distinctive pieces that are designed to reflect the true beauty that is unique in all of us.
Each piece is passionately designed and created as a crafted personal experience.
By infusing human passion into natural elements, Gabriel creates jewelry that enhances and celebrates beauty and personal achievements.
Individually numbered, each piece is as unique as the woman who wears it.
Gabriel & Co. has consistently won awards since 2011 in both JCK & Instore Magazines for being one of the most innovative and best performing brands in the jewelry industry.


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