Get a behind the scenes look at the Château Gaillard and Val de Loire this November on TV5MONDE Style!

Take an exclusive tour of the Château Gaillard, an illustrious fortress located in Normandy, France overlooking the River Seine and the world famous Val de Loire, one of the most beautiful regions in western Europe filled with bucolic fruit orchards and vineyards on Snapshots of the Lorie on TV5MONDE Style.
This November, viewers can also tune in for The 7th target, a César nominated thriller starring Lino Ventura as a smalltime reporter who becomes entangled in a sinister extortion plan and The Lions Are Loose, a comedy starring three-time Golden Globe award-winning actress Claudia Cardinale as a beautiful divorcee who relocates to Paris to escape her former life on TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand.
Full descriptions of these and other programming available this November on TV5MONDE Style and TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand for streaming customers are listed below.


(Discovery, 2016. TV Series)

Tuesday, November 14th 2017 at 10:26 pm ET / 7:26pm PT

Presented by French science fiction writer Sylvie Denis, this magazine series explores the legendary Château Gaillard, a medieval castle, l

ocated in Normandy, France.

Also while in France, Sylvie Denis also examines life of Italian Renaissance polymath Leonardo da Vinci and garden designer and hydraulic

engineer, Pacello da Mercogliano.



(Discovery, 2016. TV Series)

Thursday, November 16th 2017 at 10:26am ET / 7:26am PT

Traveling from Doué-la-Fontaine in western France, French science fiction writer Sylvie Denis takes a look at the world famous Val de Loire (Loire Valley).

Regarded as the “Garden of France” due to its abundance of vineyards, fruit orchards, artichoke and asparagus fields, Val de Loire has become a quintessential region for understanding French history.

TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand


Les lions sont laches – (The Lions Are Loose)

(Comedy, 1961. Film)

Available Friday, November 3rd until Tuesday, January 2nd

Comedy starring three-time Golden Globe award-winning actress Claudia Cardinale as Albertine Ferran, a lonely divorcee who relocates to Paris for a fresh start.

Upon arriving, she’s finds herself torn between two new lovers.

Film also stars César award-winning actor Jean-Claude Brialy.

Le silencieux – (Escape to Nowhere)

(Thriller, 1974. Film)

Available Friday, November 10th until Thursday, February 8th

Thriller starring César nominated actor Lino Ventura as Anton Haliakov, a nuclear physicist who is kidnapped by the British Secret Service.

Suspected of being a spy for the Soviet Union, Anton fights to escape captivity and to hide his true identity.

Film also stars Oscar nominated actor Leo Genn and two-time César award-winning actress Suzanne Flon.


La 7ème cible – (The 7th target)

(Thriller, 1984. Film)

Available Friday, November 17th until Thursday, February 15th

César nominated film starring Lino Ventura as Bastien Grimaldy, a former reporter who discovers that he is at the center of a sinister extortion plan.

After receiving a number of death threats, Bastien takes matters into his own hands by conducting an investigation on all of the possible suspects.

Thriller also stars Oscar nominated actor Jean Poiret and four-time César award-winning actor Jean-Pierre Bacri.

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