Get Toned Without Stepping Inside A Gym With U-Tone!

Footwear Expert and Entrepreneur, Ray Bakalarz, New Shoe Line Will Give You An Entire Lower-Body Workout Without Stepping Foot Inside A Gym!

U-tone Fitness Shoes takes the most common exercise that we do, walking, up a notch by incorporating technology that helps maintain a healthy lifestyle while improving your posture and balance.

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While looking at a competitors version, Ray realized that they had a great concept; however, it did not do what they said it did, so he set out to design a shoe that enhanced your daily walking routine by using your own balance and strength.

Through years of research he learned that walking on sand had multiple benefits over walking on a hard surface, and that adding the right amount of additional weight to the movement of walking was also a natural way to consume more energy and burn more calories without changing the way you go about your day.

Ray spent four years creating U-tone, a shoe that mimics the feeling of walking on sand, and delivers the same benefits.

The results are incredible and include, but not limited to:

In a study made by IRSI, the calories burned, that number while wearing the shoes increased in 22% average.

In addition there are studies conducted on sand that have the following conclusions:

There have been numerous studies regarding the mechanics and energetics of human locomotion on sand. In particular, a study done in 1998 by T.M. Lejuene, P.A. Willems and N.C. Heglund.

The summary of such a study concludes that: Walking on sand requires 1.6-2.5 times more mechanical work than does walking on a hard surface at the same speed.

Walking on sand requires 2.1-2.7 times more energy expenditure than does walking on a hard surface.

The increase in energy cost is due primarily to two effects: the mechanical work done on the sand, and a decrease in efficiency of positive work done by muscle and tendons.

The Journal of Experimental Biology 201, 2071-2080(1998) Printed in Great Britain ©The Company of Biologists Limited 1998 JEB1432”

Barefoot walking on sand allows irregularities in the surface to move the tarsal, metatarsal, and toes, all bones of the foot relative to each other.

The muscles of the foot and the intrinsic foot ligaments are therefore required to produce stabilization between bones.

Muscles become fatigued as a consequence and ligaments are subject to increased strain.

Should you aim to keep the muscles of your foot in good working order, walking barefoot, particularly on sand, is a good training method.

”Biomechanical Analysis of Fundamental Human Movement. Arthur E. Chapman.” 

The two-piece construction isolates the upper of the shoe from the sole, where the action happens.

The result is that both components act independently to allow the sole to generate the flow and movement necessary to achieve the feeling that is delivered.

Using microsphere technology, U-tones have a hollow sole with just the right dimensions to house thousands of ceramic aluminum microspheres, with just the right volume, density and weight to achieve the ultimate workout shoes.

 The microbeads flow from toe to heel while being worn providing a “whisper like smoothing ocean” sound when walking.

U-tones also are designed to help with posture and balance.

As you walk, the microbeads adjust inside the sole, making your body naturally respond to a virtual shifting terrain, directly under your foot.

This unpredictable instability naturally forces your body to adjust its posture and balance.

Along with all the benefits, U-tones will actually massage your feet while you walk.

Because the microbeads are millimeters away from your feet, you can actually feel them moving right under you.

They naturally massage the bottom of your foot, hitting all pressure points that are traditionally used in reflexology

U-tones are available in one style for men and one for women and will start from around $150 once released.

However, they are available through their kickstarter page for $100, $120 and $130.

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