Golden Globes // Beau Dunn Receives SPIRIT OF ELYSIUM Award

Contemporary artist, Beau Dunn w/ celebrity guests (Lily Collins, Kris Jenner, Jennifer Garner, Emily Rataikoski, Mel Gibson, Jamie Chung, Dita Von Teese, Joyce Bonelli) at the 12th annual Art of Elysium HEAVEN Gala. Beau was the guest of honor and received the SPIRIT OF ELYSIUM award on Sat, Jan 5th at the pre-golden globes. In addition to receiving the award, Beau also donated 3 special edition neons to continue her efforts to raise money for the organization (NEED MONEY FOR HEAVEN, LOVE HEALS and  I BORROWED THESE WINGS FROM AN ANGEL…)
Dress: Berta  / Jewelry: Cartier 



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