GÓSN. was created to manifest style and functionality through garments driven by Japanese inspired utilitarianism for the modern man.

My name is Taylor Goson and I moved to NYC almost two years ago to pursue a mens fashion line.

I knew I needed a change in my life so I quit my job and sold my car and moved to New York City.

I have always had a passion for clothing in general so I knew this is where I needed to be.

A lot of my inspiration comes from Japanese workwear and utilitarian garments.

I needed a change in life.

I’ve been starring at a computer screen all day in corporate America with no room to share or express any creativity.

My passion for clothing has grown over the years until it came to a point where I woke up one morning and decided to quit my job and move to NYC to pursue fashion.

I want my garments to be easy.

When you wake up in the morning and it is just an easy pick and get dressed experience with no second guess

How did you start in the fashion industry ?

Ive always been around my friends who own successful clothing companies. They would invite me to trade shows and I would get to see all the behind the scenes and I really wanted to get more involved.

When did you first realize you had a desire to design ?

I few years back I used to collect old military garments and would deconstruct them to make them more of my own. I started selling some of them to my friends but I ended up just keeping most of them for myself. Moreover, I would go to stores and see pieces I liked but

Where do you acquire most of your inspiration ?

Most of my inspiration comes from Japanese culture. Taking utilitarian style garments and adding intricate detail to make them my own and unique.

Who would you say most influenced you ?

By far my friends over at Saga Outerwear and Jiberish. They are all good friends of mine and I watched them grow over the years and would celebrate their success.

How do you see your brand progress in the next 2-3 years ?

Definitely going to extend the line to s pants and technical outerwear coats. As of now I am only doing tops. I would also love to see GOSN in boutiques all over the world.

Would you consider yourself a minimalist ? and if not what would you ?

Over the years, I started to value quality over quantity. My wardrobe used to be huge but I always stuck to my ‘go-to’ 5-10 outfits. Now I value good quality and no longer shop fast fashion retailers and continue to support streetwear companies producing timeless pieces.

If you can do a collaboration with any brand which would it be ?

I would love to collaborate with one of my favorite brands ‘Maharishi’. I would also love to do a collaboration with tattoo artist Koji Ichimarues.


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