Great For Baby Fashion!!!


Skadoosie®: The New And Improved Baby Bodysuit

Redesigned with style and function in mind

The staple of a baby’s wardrobe, bodysuits are key for each stage of development in your little one’s life.  Innovate your newborn’s style with the uniquely patented product, Skadoosie®! Proudly made in the U.S.A, this revolutionary one piece bodysuit is a breeze to get on your baby. With a super soft velcro fastener located at the center of the chest, you can avoid all that over-the-head hassle. There’s even a bottom flap that easily comes up and fastens at the sides like a diaper! Whether you’re a busy new momma or searching for the perfect baby shower present, Skadoosie® is the way to go.

After her husband passed away, creator Janet Lopina Demaria was seeking something more rewarding to fill her time and energy. Deciding to give a helping hand to the busy working families with newborns and small children, Demaria became a babysitter. She soon discovered that the Onesies® with snaps at the crotch hadn’t changed much since she had her own son 20 years ago. This sparked an idea and several revamps later, the Skadoosie® was born.

Soft and silky next to your newborn’s skin, the Skadoosie® provides easy access for those middle-of-the-night diaper changes. Find your new favorite baby bodysuit in the functional features from Skadoosie®:

USA made, patented product

Unique rear diaper check slot

  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Baby soft Velcro® fasteners
  • No overhead application
  • Fastens at center of chest
  • Bottom flap comes up and fastens at sides like a diaper
  • No snaps, Dad and arthritic friendly!

Dress your baby in only the best – snag a redesigned baby bodysuit from Skadoosie®. With no front snaps or stiff fabric, your tiny tot will be put at ease in this beautifully improved Onesie®.

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