A Healthy Hair Coloring Product Sans Chemicals

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ONC Coloring products, a  natural  healthier,  hair color that  contains a spectrum of  9 shades.  Since it’s pH is low, it holds both hair color and hair care in one bottle. With a delicious aroma of bananas, there is an absence of a chemical smell. All other brands use high pH which means they are full of chemicals. This product  does not stain the forehead or scalp because it’s not getting under the skin  or into the  bloodstream . This product nourishes the hair and gives it lasting body and shine due to the ingredients
that are proven to be good for the hair.


–  Color is permanent and covers gray 100% if used per instructions.

–  Reduces hair loss, hair thinning and breakage.

– People that have used it clearly stated that  hair has never been healthier and has gone back to what it was 30 years ago before they ever started coloring it

Use the link below  to match and choose the color from.

However if  you have more than 40% gray, either  request a color ending with N (like 4N, 5N…) ,  but if choosing  a a fashion color like 4MC, 4B (ones that don’t end with an N), ask for for the corresponding N color.


More about ONC:

As the initial pioneer in   offering  products sans parabens (2003), and propylene glycol (2012), ONC’s ethos is product innovation, quality, 360° communications, and in-depth training to deliver high-end products and services  , using  responsible environmental policies   that  actively seek to reduce carbon footprint, championing innovative products with certified organic ingredients since 1993.

 Sabire Kaya founded  ONC out of her passion for using healthier organic products . Her tenacity and innovation helped grow the company to become a leading brand in organic beauty products now spanning three continents.

Sabire Kaya, who had real issues with her hair and chemical dyes, partnered with Eric Kaya and started manufacturing healthy hair color in Istanbul, Turkey.

 After being in the business for 20 years and carrying brands like Goldwell, KMS, Moroccanoil as a master distributor, the duo decided to bring the product to the US.

 Sabire developed a special formula with Organic chemists for the US.

Unfortunately ,  she died of Cancer at the age of  39 in LA.

As she had already started the business here with relative success,  Eric  made the decision to move  to the US  from London and manage the business.


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