HEAVENSAKE – A BETTER HIGH Paris Fashion Week Celeb Event

March 3rd 2017,

During Paris Fashion Week,

Saw the HEAVENSAKE ‘A Better High’ awareness performance with a host of the global elite at the American Cathedral in Paris.

The triumvirate of co-founders, Carl Hirschmann, Benjamin Eymère and Etienne Russo invited  friends and creative peers to join them in celebrating the release of HEAVENSAKE’s second expression; the Junmai Ginjo with a night of multi-sensory experiences including music sets from internationally acclaimed South African DJ Black Coffee and Agoria and a live performance of Japanese drummers Yamato.

Incorporated into the whole experience was a pivotal  “11th Hour awareness performance” involving over 1,000 guests present at the event.

At 11.45pm, all attendees donned the gifted black pollution masks as a unified artistic performance raising awareness for the ticking clock on Climate Change.

The impactful expression was captured by iconic crowd photographer Massimo Vitali, who was elevated 5 meters in the air to incorporate the scale, depth, and gravitas of overall scene.

The image was back dropped by a thought provoking 3m size faux bonsai tree centerpiece illuminated and suspended above the central altar, paying homage to Japanese heritage and the immediate need to address the global issue at hand.

Guests continued to enjoy dynamic performances celebrating cross-cultural disciplines from contemporary music to artistic expressions.

The night encompassed the HEAVENSAKE ethos, continuing to push boundaries, shifting perceptions and immersing guests whilst enlightening their experience of sake.





Carl Hirschmann, Benjamin Eymère, Etienne Russo,  Azelia Banks, Peter Dundas, Anna Della Russo, Nicholas Kirkwood, Camilla Kerslake, Doina Ciobanu, James Goldstein, Kat Graham, Fiammetta Cicogna, Amina Mauddi, Irman Amed, Katharina Damm, Goga Ashkenazi, Grace Bol, Harvey Ambombo, Evangelo Bousis, Emilia Wickstead, Polly Morgan, Roy Luwolt, Jenke Tailley, Hugo Matha, Catherine Baba, Les Twins, Marcus Butler, Hofit Golan and Daniella Helyal.


HEAVENSAKE – the world’s first Franco-Japanese sake – born from a triumvirate of friends united by a quest to bring a modernity to the traditional drink through French saviour-fair.

Spearheaded by activist, art lover, and entrepreneur, Carl Hirschmann, who discovered the sophistication of perfectly crafted sake sparking his desire to create a brand with a notion of purity and ‘a better high’ at its heart.

A collaborative discussion in Ibiza saw him draw on the expertise of two friends’, CEO of Jalou Media Group, Benjamin Eymère – and artistic scenographist and visionary producer, Etienne Russo of the celebrated villa eugénie, expediting the brand from theory to reality.

www.heavensake.com / Instagram: @heavensake

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