Summer is coming to a close,
but that means time to transition our closet for some cozy, comfort, and trendy fall items.
This fall season the trends to look out for are:
Neutral Tones, Stripes, Red, and Embroidery and Metallics.
From ready-to-wear options, or for the office holiday party
designers Leanne MarshallDan Liu, and Laila Wazna have what you need for the joyous season.
While neutral tones were a hit for the past season, they will continue to stay in trend.

Especially paired with other bold tones such as black, it will be perfect for special occasions.
Leanne Marshall incorporated the neutral tone into her Fall/Winter 2017 collection by incorporating texture which added dimension to the looks.
One of the favorites will be the neutral jumpsuit which fits perfect for any occasion.
Designer Looks: Leanne Marshall
The classic print, stripes are back but reinvented.
While the traditional stripes is still a fashion DO, fun takes on the print will include
bigger colored stripes, and even playing with the lines.

Leanne Marshall knew how to reinvent the look as she paired a striped jacket with an embellished dress, or breaking the norms by creating a striped dress with a red belt.
Dan Liu took the approach of bolder strips for his Fall/Winter 2017 collection and also had fun with creating new lines for the typical striped look.
Designer Looks: (Top Row) Leanne Marshall, (Bottom Row) Dan Liu)
The color of love and power, red, is going to be a hot choice for this season.
From traditional coats, jumpsuits, or dresses you will need to have this sizzling tone in your closet.

Dan Liu took his romance aesthetic and created the perfect dress coat which is highly in trend for the fall, an elegant look for any evening.
For your day-to-day activities, the perfect LRD (little red dress) will keep you chic. Looking for some evening looks, Leanne Marshall dresses will flow just right, but if the full red look is too much match the statement color with some prints and you will be just fine.
Designer Looks: (Top Row) Dan Liu, (Bottom Row) Leanne Marshall
During the Fall/Winter season, one of the biggest thrills of the season is not holiday parties but the perfect excuse to wear embroidery and metallics.
Whether going for the classic one-shoulder or playing with neckline details, look no further than Laila Wazna.
Having mastered the art of details, with looks that involve fun shapes and elegant for nights and evening holiday parties Laila has created Fall/Winter essential gowns.
Designer Looks: Laila Wazna
Whether looking for day-to-day wear or evening and holiday outfits, Leanne MarshallDan Liu, and Laila Wazna will keep you in style.
With their remarkable knowledge of whats trending, and creating timeless and unique pieces this joyous season will make it one to remember. 

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