How The Luxury Sharing Economy Is Doing It’s Part To Combat Global Warming


Share The Best Designer Styles For Less.

We’ve all been there: just hours before an event, you are staring at a closet filled with clothes and thinking to yourself, I have nothing to wear. You have a couple options at this point. Either run to a department store and add one more dress to the closet cemetery or wear something you’ve already worn 100 times.

Fast fashion has invaded our wardrobes and put a burden on the environment. 22 billion new clothing items are bought by Americans per year and the production of these clothes are accelerating carbon emissions and global warming. There needs to be a solution, right? Right. Allow me to introduce you to DesignerShare: a peer-to-peer marketplace for women to rent and lend their designer clothing.



Are you searching of a solution that saves t money and the planet, all while staying trendy? Our CEO, Sarah Perkins, is passionate about helping women solve this problem, “Clothing is the second largest pollutant in the world behind oil. By reusing high-quality pieces that don’t contribute to our landfills, DesignerShare is doing its part to be eco-friendly”.

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