Interview: Leading Derm’s Breakthrough Enlightens Skincare

Dr. Zena Gabriel, shares her 2 unique methods to answer the age-old question on everyone’s mind, “What should I do with my skin“? Dr. Zena is an endless source of knowledge and information on a range of beauty and medical topics, and she is available to share with you her unique “Signature Four” and “Dr. Zena’s Pyramid” methodologies to help everyone pick what’s right for them. This analysis is individual, customizable and very understandable so that each patient has their own meaningful, tangible and guiding tool.

Refreshing and relatable, her refined protocols have distinguished her as an innovator in the dermatology and facial aesthetics community. She has been featured as a dermatology expert in syndicated commercials and seminars alongside major brands like Neutrogena, L’Oreal Paris, Johnson & Johnson and Allergan, and has emerged as Southern California’s practitioner of choice for a wide variety of discerning celebrity clientele.

Dr. Zena’s Signature Four
Dr. Zena has created a unique methodology for analyzing someone’s skin with a systematic approach that she can easily share with you. Dr. Zena believes perfect skin has four features: Even COLOR, Smooth TEXTURE, ample VOLUME, and taut ELASTICITY. She uses this tool to analyze these four features independently so that her patients can target the specific areas of need. No one wants to waste time and money on procedures that aren’t going to correct the problem. This methodology helps patients steer clear of those missteps and invest in options that make sense and show results.
Dr. Zena’s Pyramid
Dr. Zena Gabriel designed a treatment pyramid to help simplify the range of aesthetic procedures available today and she is happy to share this with you and your audience. There are so many types of aesthetic treatments on the market that patients get confused. It’s hard to know the right path to take and to figure out what procedure is best for you. The Treatment Pyramid is a paradigm that helps understand the full range of aesthetic treatments and services available.
Dr. Zena can also be you go-to, quick turnaround resource on everything from trending news stories, to the latest in breakthrough technologies:
  • Halloween Costume Skincare: Halloween is right around the corner and with adults and kids painting their faces using heavy stage makeup Dr. Zena has great tips on how to prep and clean the skin, and pick the right costume.
  • Holiday Diet: While most know how your favorite holiday meals affect your diet, most people don’t know how they can affect your skin.
  • Winter Skincare: With the harsh winter months quickly approaching, Dr. Zena knows what best to keep your skin glowing and hydrated.
  • Adult Acne: Dr. Zena is a leading expert on adult acne and acne scars which affects millions of Americans and can be fixed through laser/light treatments, oral treatments, chemical peels, topic treatments and change in diet, just to name a few.
  • Counterfeit Cosmetics: The dangers of popular makeup products from discount stores. How to tell if counterfeit.
  • Diet & Acne: There are new studies proving that there is indeed a correlation between what we eat and it affecting your skin.
  • Probiotics: One of the biggest medical trends right now is the use of Probiotics for the skin and Dr. Zena is one of the leading authorities in this field having authored multiple studies on the benefits of oral and topical use 
  • Technology & Innovations: Dr. Zena is always in the know and a top authority for the newest breakthroughs in technology and products.
  • In addition to her accomplished career, Dr. Zena received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkley and obtained her medical degree from the University of California, San Diego. Her dermatology residency was completed at the University of Southern California where she was chosen as Chief Resident for the Department of Dermatology. Currently, she holds a fellowship position with the American Society for Mohs Surgery and the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery and is dedicated to the prevention, treatment and surgical removal of skin cancer.
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