Jagoda Bartczak SS2018 Katowice Fashion Week photos by Flip Okopny & Magdalena Czajka

The concept appeared during discussion about diversity. It is inspired by uncommon music, unused newspaper, unpredictability of collage art and the power of transformation.
The diversity is really important subject for designer.
She considers that the every person in the world is a different soul.
That’s way she try to create something unnormal, something more than the standard.
Fashion is something more than clothes.
Fashion is the emotion, fashion is an art!
The collections contains avant-garde silhouettes full of colorful extraordinary prints and 3d embellishments.
The forms are overdrawn for example there are dresses with unnatural long sleeves or oversize fur coat. Clothes are made mostly of printed cotton.
The pallete of colors leans on black, white and red.
The most characteristic aspects for different1 collection are author collage(newspaper, painting) prints, 3d embroideries and fake fur made of hundreds pieces of drawstring.
Jagoda Bartczak – young polish fashion designer who is not afraid of experimentation and creates her own ways of designing.

She try to change the classic understanding of proportions and cross the border between fashion and art.

Overdrawn forms, unexpected graphics and alternative fabrics are the main features of her projects.
She is always inspired by unusual things like uncommon music, abnormal art and everything what is different.
These silhouette are inspired by untypical shapes, fabric variations, modern art, fka twigs
and bonobo music.

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