Janelle Monae wore Pasquale Bruni diamond earrings and ring and a Carrera y Carrera diamond rings

Janelle Monae wore Pasquale Bruni diamond earrings and ring and a Carrera y Carrera diamond rings to The 58th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 15, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Pasquale Bruni:

After being drawn into the allure of jewelry as a young boy through workshops in Valenza, Itally, Pasquale Bruni has stood for high quality since creating his namesake jewelry collection in 1976. With a keen eye for detail, Pasquale Bruni has created fine Italian-made jewelry under a brand name that has become synonymous around the world with passion and unmistakable Italian taste, style, and creativity. With his vision and tradition now proudly carried forward by his children Eugenia Bruni, the Creative Director of the brand, and Daniele Bruni the company’s gemologist, each new collection continues to display a distinctive style that is both unconventional and harmonious. For more information please visit www.pasqualebruni.com

Carrera y Carrera: 

Established in 1885 by brilliant sculptor Manuel Carrera, Madrid-based Carrera y Carrera is considered one of the most prestigious jewelry firms in the world. With its long-standing tradition of designing ornate jewelry for Spanish royalty, Carrera y Carrera continues to conceive exceptional pieces that merge intricate goldsmith techniques with precious stones. The skilled artisans of Carrera y Carrera are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of their art, crafting jewelry distinguished by the inclusion of romantic imagery, animal miniatures and mythological plots. Today, the Spanish jewelry house continues to celebrate and honor its 130-year legacy and is present in over 40 countries. For more information, please visit www.carreraycarrera.com


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