Jewelry Care Tips from Expert Jewelry Designer

Have you ever purchased a stunning piece of fashion jewelry only to have it tarnish quickly due to lack of care?

Most jewelry-lovers know this unfortunate process, but thankfully it’s preventable with the proper cleaning and maintenance.

Jewelry designer and founder of accessories brand 21HM, Hermine Mnatsakanian, dished out her expert tips for keeping your favorite accessories sparkling to their full pote


Proper Storage

To avoid scratching, it’s very important to keep your jewelry in a jewelry box or pouch.

Additionally, for those who travel frequently, it’s a great idea to invest in a well-made travel jewelry case.

This will ensure your baubles are not lost, nicked, or tangled during your travels away from home.

Avoid Discoloration

There are several measures you can take to ensure you’re fashion jewelry doesn’t lose its gold or silver-toned color.

First, avoid water – more specifically, chlorinated water.

If going to a pool or spa, remember to remove your jewelry so the chlorine doesn’t tarnish the color.

Secondly, avoid letting perfume come in contact with your fashion jewelry.

Many fragrances have chemicals that are too harsh for gold and silver-toned pieces.

The same is true of most makeup, lotions, and hairspray, which react unfavorably with your jewelry.

As a general rule, you’ll avoid discoloration by making sure your fashion jewelry is the last thing you put on before leaving the home and the first thing you take off.

Basics of Cleaning

While using a gold or silver cleaner is necessary for fine jewelry, it’s important not to use such harsh cleaners on fashion jewelry.

Instead, gently wipe down your pieces with a clean eyeglass cloth. Following this, wrap your jewelry in anti-tarnish paper to ensure the longevity of your accessories.


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