Jewelry Designer Sets the Trend in Affordable Pieces Made to Look Luxe Designer Utilizes Peruvian Artisans with Unique Hammering Technique

The secret behind the new line launching by Peruvian jewelry designer Mary Stone lies in the materials she has chosen for the collection. Citrine, a worldwide brand that first launched in 2002,  has been rebranded to include timeless pieces made to look luxe, yet won’t break the bank. Stone’s secret is utilizing 18kt gold plated in comparison to older collections, which were developed in 14kt.  Stone takes her cue from her travels and is influenced by the jewelry from African tribes, Moroccan tiles to pre-Columbian pieces she sees in museums. She takes it a step further by creating more luxurious pieces that are unique and affordable. The new line is handmade by Peruvian jewelry artisans using a hammered technique for the finish.

The artisans make their own hammers, which create different indentations in the metal, just as they would when working on silver serving platters and serving pieces. Peru is well known for its silver, so it is to no surprise that Stone turns to her native country for the creation of her jewelry. The collection is made of 925 sterling silver, and the prices are similar to 18kt gold plated jewelry, which makes it affordable to consumers. Her pieces are made to be timeless because they are classic, and can be worn for years. Citrine will be relaunching their best – sellers of past collections, the Signature Collection, and the new launch of 925 Sterling Silver. Stone solely designs, sources materials and coordinates manufacturing for the line.

Citrine sets out to support local artisans in Peru with the rebrand and reopening of the line. The Citrine woman embodies confidence, independence, and passion.  Through the creation of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, Citrine offers a complete array of options for any wardrobe. Citrine pieces prices range from $95 to $650.
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