Jewelry That’ll Make You Say… WTF?! (But In A Good Way)


A  new jewelry line created to empower women who have been through tough times.

We all know someone who has been through hell and back, whether they’ve suffered from an illness, lost a family member or even struggled with their mental health. They deserve the world to remind them of their own strength, which is why One Tough Bitch was created for women to have a physical reminder that they are stronger than even realizeWoman can positively embrace the pain and just say ‘WTF’?!

 The symbol featured on the One Tough Bitch accessory line is a triangle with an upward facing point representing the mind, body and soul; the inner strength of each woman wearing it.

This accessory is the perfect gift for anyone needing support, to give them something to grab and hold onto tight on their good and bad days.

OTB Brand Story

 OTB came about after Founder Shelly Fisher’s second diagnosis with cancer.

In Shelly’s words: Feeling tired and frustrated I felt sucker punched.

After going through it once, I could not believe I had a second unrelated experience.

At first, naturally I had a very hard time. In fact I think that is very normal. I think it is the first important step to get to “toughness”.

Let yourself be realistic and feel.

It is important to allow yourself the opportunity to feel the pain and challenge of the situation.

But then, drum beat….you dig into your soul, the depths of who you are, you gather your internal soldiers and you stand back up.

It might be wobbly at first but that’s ok.

The important thing is to stand back up. Because inside you know you can. You might not be able to control the way the cards are dealt but you can control the way you play the hand. So personally I thought you can do this Shelly. You can do this.

You are tough. As a matter of fact you are gritty, strong, and resilient.

You are One Tough Bitch and you will survive. I have always liked something tangible I could hold on to.

Something that made me remember my internal power. So I ordered a necklace, and engraved One Tough Bitch on the front.

I have 2 other small charms that have meaning to me also on that chain. And when I feel a little off, I hold onto it. I remind myself that I am here and I am ok.

OTB is not about going into an office or anywhere else and being tough to other people.

It is an internal brand. It is your strength for you and by you. It has nothing to do with anyone else.

The purpose is to empower the person who wears the accessory as a reminder that they can do it.



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