Johna Stone SS2018

Following the ban of immigrants and refugees from Syria and six other Middle Eastern or African, the Johna Stone SS18 collection was inspired by the
outpouring of love and peace that came as people unified to protest against the ban.
‘No walls, No Borders, Immigrants are welcome!’ read their slogan.
Amazed by the empathy and love these people had, Stone decided to use the themes of love and peace for his collection.
From the exploration of these themes emerged the concept of involving swans in the collection.
Often associated with elegance, grace, love and freedom, swans have been incorporated through abstract representations on the garments.
On some pieces, the image of a swan is mirrored, forming a heart shape emphasising the theme of the collection further.
The colour palette is inspired by the light, fresh colours of the scenery in which swans are usually found such as blues and lilacs.
Along with these softer colours, the use of yellow allowed for Stone to reiterate the positivity and hope that comes from love and peace through the vibrancy of this shade.  
To mimic the texture of the water, several seersucker fabrics were chosen as from afar they seem to be a solid colour yet up close their delicate texture can be noticed.
Cottons and cotton blends were also used in the spirit of the season, their ease and simplicity grounds one in what truly matters in life and what is most important
love and peace, something that can be lost in times of crisis.
Here is the Brand info:
Johna Stone is a contemporary womenswear brand based in NYC.
Founded in 2016 by Parsons graduate Johna Shi.
Johna Stone focuses on creative construction with graphic elements, adding a little bit of fun and colors to the minimalist aesthetic.
Johna was born and raised in Xinjiang, the northwest territory of China inhabited by many ethnic and religious minority groups.
Accepted into the prestigious Beijing Film Academy for Animation, he realized his passion lain more in his character’s wardrobes and transferred to Parsons School of Design in New York City
(with one semester atParsons Paris).
Johna’s thesis collection (which also included shoes and handbags) won him the Shoe Polytechnic Sponsorship and Lineapelle Sponsorship that included a chance for Stone to visit the Politecnico Calzaturiero in Padua, Italy and work hand-in-hand with the technical team to realize his designs, which then went on display at Saks Fifth Avenue and Parsons Seaport Culture Event.
This, along with praise from industry professionals, gave Johna the confidence to launch his own label. Committed to textile innovation and experimentation while still appealing to the understated minimalist customer, the collection is a dialogue between fabric and geometry – a concept conceived by this fresh new voice who accomplishes the delicate balance between an international avant-garde ideal with the ease of classic American design.
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