Joyride OST FW 2017-18 collection by Éva Szombat

Editorial featuring the OST FW 2017-18 collection by Éva Szombat

We’ve seen America on TV – but without subtitles. The OST fall-winter collection is inspired by the typical motifs of the American movie, but from a remote viewpoint.

It includes moto jackets, patent pants, neonlights, bible salesman looks – all in a rough, eastern european manner.

The collection is mainly inspired by the movies of David Lynch.

The contrasting characters, like the perverse, the naive or the good boy are brought to life on the analog photos of Éva Szombat in a 2000’s style cinema.

OST is a mens and womenswear brand established in 2016 in Hungary by two young designers, Aron Sasvari and Oliver Lantos, and named after the German word for East, as a symbol of the formerly isolated Eastern-European reality, that results a distorted viewpoint of fashion.

Team Photography by Eva Szombat / / Instagram: @evaszombat / Styling: Maria Glaser / Make up artist Barbara Keseru / Hair by Abel Telenko / Models are Anita and Balint signed at Royal Models Budapest and David Varhegyi / Fashion: all images OST / Instagram: @ost_konzept


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