Ka Wa Key FW18 Photos by Hunter Arthur Article by Austin Velarde

Ka Wa Key- “Trashy Boy” Fall/Winter 2018

By Austin Velarde
Beautiful blues and pretty pinks showed in the Ka Wa KeyTrashy BoyFall/Winter 2018 collection this past NYFW.
Telling the story of “a trashy boy wearing trashy clothes and going to a trashy club,” Ka Way Key explored the fluidity of masculinity and femininity within their clothes.
A distressed dark maroon fur coat, along with a gorgeous white fur coat worn by Prada-it-boy Jordan Sannicks were the shining pieces of this exceptional collection.

Traditional textile crafts, meet the latest fashion technology in all of Ka Wa Key’s pieces crafted in-house in London.
Designers Key Chow and Jarno Leppanen said they “were really delighted” to be showing their collection in New York Fashion Week for the first time.
A little bit fucked up” and “A bit romantic and sexual” were the words Key Chow used to illustrate the feeling he wants his newest “Trashy Boy” collection to convey.
In hopes for the future, Key Chow said he sees “more collaborations” and “more beautiful naked guys dressing up!”



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