KIDS / Fashion Delivers NAME CHANGE

K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers Changes Name to Delivering Good

National 32-year-old charity re-launches its brand to reflect focused, ongoing support for children and families facing poverty and disaster

May 9, 2017

(New York City) 

Delivering Good is the new name for the national charity formerly known as K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers.

For 32 years, the charity has helped millions of kids, adults and families affected by poverty and disaster resulting in over $1.6 billion of donated product that has been distributed through a network of community partners.

In 2016, nearly 400 companies donated approximately $200 million* of new apparel, accessories, shoes, home furnishings, toys, books and other useful items, distributed by more than 500 community partners to people in need.

The name change reflects both new and continuing efforts to fight poverty and tragedies through the gift and delivery of new products.

The models for helping others are changing nationwide and worldwide, and the re-launch will allow Delivering Good to better communicate its mission of delivering hope and dignity to people in need through community nonprofit partners.

As our charity has evolved, we wanted to have a name and brand that could be embraced by our product donors, our financial donors, our community partners and the broader audience of consumers,” said Board Chairman Allan Ellinger.

Our programs are expanding to include donations and drives by children, company employees, community groups and more. Recently in Los Angeles, our staff was on the ground Delivering Good by personally handing out sandwiches and new socks to homeless men and women. At the other end of the spectrum, we have brands like BOBS from Skechers, who are Delivering Good by donating 8.4 million pairs of children’s shoes over the past six years, with another million pairs this year.”

The name change will be complete on June 7, when the new website will go live as part of the charity’s Women of Inspiration Luncheon in New York City.

Helping to celebrate the milestone will be the luncheon honorees, fashion designer Tracy Reese, Gaye Dean of Target and Lana Todorovich of Ralph Lauren.

Delivering Good’s social media sites are now live:

@DeliveringGood on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The charity’s current website ( will provide updates on the renaming progress until the switch on June 7.

Delivering Good receives high ratings from a number of organizations for low overhead and the ability to help people effectively.

The charity efficiently leverages cash donations to achieve its mission – for every $10 of cash contributed, over $100 of donated new product can be provided to kids, adults or families in need.

Delivering Good distributes product donations through a network of community partners to offer hope and dignity.

The new name and logo for Delivering Good was developed by the renowned design and branding firm of Graj + Gustavsen in New York City, who provided its services pro bono.

The law firm of Pryor Cashman has also supported the rebranding initiative.

Board of Directors Vice President Milou Gwyn led this effort in her role as chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, together with President and CEO Lisa Gurwitch.

Delivering Good, Inc. (formerly K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and the charity of choice for new product donations made by hundreds of companies in the fashion, home and children’s industries.

Donating new merchandise provides these companies with a simple and effective way to help millions of kids, adults and families facing poverty and disaster.

Since 1985, over $1.6 billion of donated product has been distributed through our network of community partners.


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