Kosan Travel Pack System

Having backpacked all throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, I’ve seen and experienced first hand the pain, discomfort and overall headache that backpackers endure while lugging around two separate packs.

We field tested our bags, the Kosan Travel Pack System, across Vietnam and Indonesia earlier this year, and it is by far the most comfortable, functional and secure system I’ve ever used

(though I might be a bit biased).

You can check out what Chase Reeves, a well known bag expert, has to say about it here

We’ve just launched the Kosan Travel Pack System on Kickstarter (check it out here), and we’re already off to a great start.
We were funded in under 4 hours, and are well on our way to blowing our goal out of the water. 
Hopefully this is just the start for us!
We started this company because we believe with all our hearts that international travel is absolutely fatal to bigotry and prejudice.
We know that travel can help people become more accepting and compassionate, and that it is also a great way to connect with both other cultures and our beautiful planet. 
In a less esoteric way of putting it, we believe that travel changes people for life and we want to help people do more of it. 


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