Kreepie’s Kurse “Production Title”

If evil truly exist, does it exists inside us all ?

If so, is it something we are born with ?

Or something we learn ?

Kreepie’s Kurse

Cinema Dojo & FoxTrot Productions

Two of Buffalos Premiere Film Makers are teaming up together:

To tell the Origin of
Kreepie From Terror Technologies 

Just why does he have those black eyes ????
What Brings him to Buffalo Ny ????
Does He Have Family or Next to Kin’ ?
Is it the children that he bonds with or , their innocents!

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If someone is evil, are they born evil?

Or is evil a result of how we are raised and treated.

How does a Monster become a Monster?

Frankenstein himself was loving and caring in nature and wanted to find friendship and love.

But when the townsfolk saw his appearance they called him a monster and chased him with pitchforks until he eventually turns into the monster they provoked him to be.

In our film Kreepie’s Kurse our monster Kreepie deals with some of the same conflicts.

He is raised in obscurity and treated like a monster his entire life.

Growing up in a religious convent the kindness of a young nun changes Kreepie and sets him upon his path of conflict from what he is perceived to be and what he really is. ~ Cameron Daboin


Kreepie says:

What inspires me is teaching children to accept the things that they don’t understand love the things that they were never taught and embraced all of Life and Humanity

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Trailer will show in between all movies in Kreepie’s Korner

During 16th Annual Music is Art Festival at Buffalo RiverWorks

Cinema Dojo & Fox Trot Productions
Staring – Al Baker as Kreepie  and Sammi Shearing

Introducing: Brianna Sheeler
Directed by – Cameron Daboin
Music by – Davis Hilowitz & Kevin MacLeod


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