Kristina Mak ramps up the drama this season bringing the look of Monte Carlo glamour to a 32-piece resort-wear collection awash in strong, colorful prints that radiate a vibe of sexiness, love and empowerment.

The designer, who finds inspiration in exotic locales around the globe and the natural world, explains that colorful prints, artwork and even history helped inspire her as she created this season’s collection, which also melds the dramatic with luxury and comfort.

Mak’s line, powered with eye-catching colors and whimsical, bold prints and patterns, hand-drawn by the designer herself, is geared to “the modern woman, who feels independent and powerful.”

She adds, “I love soft, flowing fabrics, such as chiffons and cotton jerseys, which show a woman’s form.”

Mak says she is excited to share with the community her ideas and concepts in design and fabrics, showcasing expressions of freedom in a modern clothing line with a vintage feel and look.

Expanding on the retro theme, Mak is also delivering an additional line of jumpsuits, which, she says, everyone loves.

While Mak’s collection recently made its New York City runway debut, the designer is no stranger to the world of fashion.

Growing up in Lithuania, in a family of “vibrant personalities all with their own distinct style,” and a mother who recognized and encouraged her talent early on, Mak’s deep love of clothing and fashion developed during a childhood spent playing and, subsequently, working in her grandmother’s local store.

There, she developed a passion for the bold, vibrant colors and fabrics which help define her unique style today.

As a young adult, an enterprising nature, strong work ethic and love for adventure led Mak to launch a successful career as a model.

While traveling the world, she was exposed to a spectrum of distinctive, brightly colored European designs, which would also ultimately help shape the hallmark of her own personal style and future work.

Leveraging her background as a model, and with a deepened knowledge of fashion, she made the leap into the world of designing.

Self-taught, she is known for the unique glamour of her style and cutting-edge design.

The brand Kristina Mak was founded in Palm Beach, FL, and “captures the carefree, seaside glamour of the designer’s south Florida home” along with her whimsical life and travels.

Mak’s vision for the company is to become a global international brand—and, by the looks of it, she is well on her way.


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