Laperruque Natural Vegetable Leather Goods

Laperruque develops artisanal, minimal and timeless leather goods with a focus on functionality and refined details.

Our products are all handmade in our workshop in Malmö, Sweden. They let the beauty of exceptional materials and of the craftsman’s gestures speak for themselves.

Our leathers come from the best international suppliers, which we share with the most prestigious luxury houses.

They will age beautifully and get a nice patina over the time.

Perruque (French slang) : Describes the product of working on a personal task during work hours, using work materials

Our leathers are natural, they have not been covered by a synthetic top finish. It means their color will evolve with time and sun exposure. They are sensible to scratches and water, but will develop with time an overall beautiful and personal patina.

The Natural Vegetable Leather is not dyed nor treated, its patina is the most impressive. Its beige color will slowly evolve to a deep, unique and personal caramel shade.




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