Laura Domat Nothing’s Shocking

Laura Domat (Laura Domínguez) is an emerging fashion designer recently graduated with a BA in fashion design from IED Barcelona/University of Westminster.
Nothing’s Shocking is the name of Laura Domat’s graduate collection inspired by the post-revolutionnary Paris of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, by the time when the city was still convulsing under the aftermath of the French Revolution and romantic ideals began to forge.
The collection is structured around the traditional robe en chemise worn by the men of that period, revisited in multiple ways: either as a more literal, oversized version of the same in plain white and baby blue or deconstructed and moulaged, resulting in two long white gowns and a fluid, flared blouse, all of them in white cotton.

Some of the garments are embellished with prints (made by hand and digitally) and embroideries representing floral motives, thus evoking reverence for nature, one of the core values of romanticism.
A color palette based in dusty browns and khakis with hints of violent red intends to portray the revolutionary context and attitude of the men and women of that period.
Oversized outerwear garments in treated leather with a denim wash effect add an irreverent and contemporary touch to the collection.


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