LEO Millenium Paris FW2018



Léo is a Belgium-based brand that specializes in fashion-forward garments with an awkward twist.
Founded by Antwerp Academy-trained designer Leonneke Derksen and sales director Matthias Medaer, the label established itself in 2016 as an answer to the need of intelligently crafted garments for real women.

Understanding the need for comfort, Léo‘s vision breathes a vibe that accentuates strength and power of an independent woman.

Framing the unexpected, Leo defines itself somewhere between a clash of opposites and the spirit of a generation.

Moving from one place to another one finds itself in a transformative state passing by non-iconic venues like night shops.

The association of these everyday movements with the conversion that was so alive in the Millennium period, breathes the foundation of Léo’s AW1819 collection.

This season Léo mixes even more different influences than before into one collection. From the Millennium period and the slacker movement that occurred in the early 90’s including MTV unplugged sessions, to goth corsets and ninja computer games.

On one side cosy sweat ensembles with big belts clash with assymetric silk dresses, on the other cold winter beenies and fur come together with vegan leather snake jackets and pants. Dresses and skirts are lifted up with silver bracelets, as where shuriken shaped beltbuckles finish up the looks.

The color palette embodies the energy of all these inspirations together and runs from deep blood red and denim blue to satin green hues with a touch of bright green and silver, to finally be balanced out with black, white and camel.


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