LÉO’s SS19 collection illustrates and explores the iconic mindset of a millennial camper.

‘Camping’ explains itself literally by following nostalgic references from faded holiday memories on euro-campings in the early 90’s.
Technical fabrics are finished with tent-like details and clash with soft mesh jerseys that make one think of mosquito nets.
These delicate materials are put together with more bold metal elements and personalised webbing tape that showcase a slight hint back to a more industrial city scape, considering we are never tourists all the time.

The trickling through of high-end fashion elements like Dior’s S/S00 iconic denim print to mass fashion often found around touristic places, is the kind of ‘good-gone-bad’ we love.

This inspirational starting point plays into the conversation about mass culture displayed in such an extreme way, that is has an amusing and sometimes perversely sophisticated appeal.  LĒO is a Belgium-based brand that specializes in fashion-forward garments with an awkward twist. Founded by Antwerp Academy-trained designer Leonneke Derksen and sales director Matthias Medaer, the label established itself in 2016 as an answer to the need of intelligently crafted garments for real women.



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