With #NYFW coming up, look no further than ListaPost to help you stay organized with your favorite looks and trends that you find by allowing the ability to create lists of daily inspirations from Instagram—
If you haven’t heard about ListaPost already, it’s a mobile app that finally allows users to search, save and share images from Instagram into customized lists for easy reference. Similar to Pinterest, you can peruse the millions of images on Instagram, organize your style finds then share your lists easily through your own multi-media channels, as an HTML email or even a video HTML url that can be posted on your website.
Download for free on iTunes here and Android here.

The app is pretty revolutionary – no more screenshots, no more scrolling through massive amount of images in your photo library. It easily creates video slideshows of multiple images found in one list, and can be shared through Facebook, Twitter, and of course through Instagram.  As an extra bonus-ListaPost helps you save memory on your phone! 
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