Llamas, Unicorns, Frenchie’s and Emojis

 From selfie’s and Rose, to unicorns and Frenchie’s…. Hot Sox has something for every trend, story, holiday and theme.

They just launched two exciting collaborations with IT’SUGARthe candy store specializing in innovative sweets and giant candy to create a series of cheeky, emoji-inspired socks for men and women AND with Big Gay Ice Cream, the NYC-based brand known for its satirical take on the classic ice cream parlor experience.

The socks feature some of pop culture’s most beloved emoji’s including eggplants, sushi, llamas and more with slogans such as “gummy bear don’t care” and “I’d hit that” (piñata).

All socks, including the collaborations which just launched September 25th and retail for $12, will be sold at IT’SUGAR and Big Gay Icecream locations across the US as well as online at www.HotSox.com.

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