Make Your Fenty Beauty Even Better…

One of the last but certainly not least part of your morning makeup routine – applying blush.

The soft hint of color can make you look healthier, dewier and more youthful but it’s easy to apply too much or in an unflattering position.

Luckily, blendSMART is here to make our lives (and blush) a whole lot easier!

The blendSMART Blush Brush Head spins at 190 RPM to effortlessly blend and buff your blush for natural looking results.

Made a mistake?

No worries, blendSMART makes it easy to buff out makeup mistakes.

Not to mention, it is incredibly softantimicrobial and vegan!

To start, keep blendSMART in the off position while swirling into powder and tapping off any excess.

To apply, don’t move your wrist – just slide and glide the applicator!

The blendSMART Blush Brush Head is also great for liquid blush and bronzing.

The blendSMART Blush Brush Head is $26, available online via or at your local



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