Martone Cycling + The Saks “Wellery” + ROSE GOLD BIKE + ANDI Bag

Martone Cycling + The Saks “Wellery” + ROSE GOLD BIKE + ANDI Bag
Fashion bike brand Martone Cycling Co. ( launches a special installation this week with iconic NYC retailer, Saks Fifth Avenue, as part of its new “Wellery.”
THE SAKS WELLERY is a new floor within its flagship store, devoted to wellness and filled with immersive experiences aimed at creating a healthier life.

Lorenzo Martone‘s versatile city bikes double as coveted design items, and are quintessential to a lifestyle motivated by both style and wellness.

THE SAKS WELLERY will offer experience fitness classes, beauty demonstrations and more now through Fall 2017 and is located on the Fifth Avenue store’s 2nd Floor.

  Martone Cycling will continue to unveil new product offerings through the summer, beginning with a highly-anticipated,  limited-edition “rose gold” bicycle for 2017.

The “Studio City” will be produced in 50 units only will make its US debut at Saks this week.

A new collaboration will also be unveiled between The ANDI Brand x Martone Cycling Co. that features ANDI‘s signature tote (, customized with Martone Cycling red and patches with the brand’s mascot – designed to sit perfectly in any bike basket!


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