MATTER IN MOVEMENT – Mitchel Gray and Evan Sebastian Lagache


The Contrast and Connectivity of Dual Mediums “Exploring the idea of inertia and motion, abstract and form through painting and photography.”
Mitchel Gray and Evan Sebastian Lagache
Curated by Rodrigo Salomon and Debbie Dickinson
VIP Press Reception: Wednesday, February 8th, 6 pm to 9 pm


Matter In Motion at Salomon Arts Gallery Schedule – February 8 to February 22, 2017
83 Leonard Street – 4th flr. RSVP
Feb 8 at 6 pm – 9 pm
Art Talks: Saturday, February 11; 4 pm until 8 pm
Have a Heart for Arts: February 14; 4 pm till 8 pm / Silent Auction & Jasmine Mendoza – nene Designer Shoe Trunk Show to benefit the Children’s Museum of the Art’s and to celebrate New York Fashion Week.

Gallery Open & Hours: February 18, 2017, from 4 pm until 8 pm, and by appointment. 212-966-1997


Mitchel Gray

Tribeca, New York City: Salomon Arts Gallery is honored to present Matter in Movement, the Art Photography of Mitchel Gray: “Bodies in Action” and abstract expressionist paintings by Evan Sebastian Lagache.

Evan Sebastian Lagache


While exploring theidea of inertia and motion, abstract and form through painting and photography, this exhibition unveils new techniques. Upon entering the gallery you see vignettes tracing the lithe dance form of superhuman performance bodies. Featured on opposite walls are abstract expressionistic, swirling color pools and perfectly-timed drip grids. The connectivity of form evolved by gravity and timing represents both artists’ defining moment–the exact capture of the dual combatants.


Against the force of gravity, bodies in competition and paint are aligned by perfect placement. The connection explores the painter’s pool of colors and structural grids, delicately formed and perfectly timed to capture the moving form. The seasoned artist (Mitchel) and the emerging artist (Lagache) work with dual visions to contrast yet connect lines and designs, the result of their split-second emotional decisions.

The maturity in Mitchel Gray’s work captures the nanosecond action dynamic of
champion bodies in motion. Dancing, skating, catching, jumping, and water polo-playing crystallize the moment through artistic expression. Visually provoking and seductive, it lures us into a ritualistic performance in athletic body discipline. The ultimate goal?  All connectivity involves balancing and seizing the moment.

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