Messy Keys? Clean Them Up with Orbitkey!

Orbitkey Debuts Redesigned Key Carriers
Slim key organizer transforms any cluster of keys to one beautiful, silent and organized stack
MELBOURNE, Australia
July 6, 2016
Orbitkey, a company that thrives on both design and innovation for exquisite accessories, today returned to their roots and launched a second Kickstarter campaign for the new and improved Orbitkey version 2.0. Combining form and function, the latest key carrier is designed to be more pocket-friendly with a slimmer profile.
The upgraded version features Orbitkey’s distinguished, award-winning locking mechanism made from stainless steel for increased durability, and a concave surface that improves ergonomics for easy handling.
Along with the redesign, Orbitkey introduced a canvas band that embodies streetwear fashion, a cushioned leather band for a more sleek and professional look, and a range of active elastomer bands that retain their sporty heritage from version 1.0, but feature a fresh, new design.
After the overwhelming support we received from our first Kickstarter campaign, we wanted to provide our backers with an improved designed that is a direct result of their feedback,” says Rex Kuo and Charles Ng, Orbitkey, co-founders.
We’ve utilized the crowdfunding platform as a collaborative space with our backers and have designed a key carrier that aims to improve the overall usability of the original Orbitkey.”

Additional Features of the Orbitkey Version 2.0:
  • Holds up to 7 keys or tools, including a faster USB (3.0)
  • Additional multi-tool functions as a bottle opener, screw driver, and box cutter
  • Features a sculpted D-ring with a smoother surface, preserving Orbitkey’s leather bands
  • Eliminates noise of rattling keys
  • Design envelop keys to protect wallets, smartphones and other items from scratches
Pricing starts at $17 for the Active Elastomer Orbitkey, $21 for the Canvas Orbitkey, $25 for the Leather Orbitkey, and essential tools start at $5.
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About Orbitkey
Co-founders, Rex Kuo and Charles Ng, are long-term friends who envisioned Orbitkey to be a practical solution for managing keys. Charles’ background in design and Rex’s entrepreneurial spirit fueled the creation of Orbitkey, a minimalistic carrier that secures and organizes keys, eliminating the noise of rattling keys that are secured by a custom-designed locking mechanism.
The Orbitkey team offers expertly designed products that are both aesthetically beautiful and functional.
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