Middle Eastern Designer To Watch

As fashion evolves, Saudi Arabian fashion designer,
Laila Wazna has incorporated her twist on today’s biggest trends.
Whether experimenting with the metallic look, oversized and dramatic sleeves, or structure – in the era of taking risks, Laila Wazna focuses on showcasing a women’s personality through fashion.

Especially in the current times, Laila Wazna demonstrates that their are no borders in fashion.
Stepping out the norm of a more conservative Saudi Arabia, she has followed her passion for creativity and art to redefine what traditional wear for women means.
While there are restrictions in attire back home, she has committed to her own aesthetic.
Glamorous detail, and unique revealing cuts are some of the staples that have transitioned Laila Wazna into becoming her own identity aside from cultural misconceptions.

Taking her love for high level,
Laila Wazna has developed a collection of elegant gowns,
and individual pieces that exude simple luxury.
Romance, contemporary, and bold are some of the characteristics represented in the brand which have resonated with her followers throughout all platforms.

Paving her way in the fashion industry and now reaching out to the American market –  Laila Wazna is a designer to watch.


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