Moi.LeRoi SS18

Moi.LeRoi SS18



This collection is called Bricks and Pool.

It is inspired by paintings of David Hockney.

Most of his pieces are about pools under sunshine.

Bricks is another element of his paintings.

It is either in the pool or the structure of the painting itself.

He is good at using the most basic painting technique.

The painting gives people funny, childish and flat feeling as the first impression.

But as you really look into them, you will find passion inside.

This is the magic of David Hockney.

s his painting, Moi.LeRoi gives people a very soft and flat feeling when they first look at it.

But as you look into the designs, all the little details give a passion.

The fabric selection also mimics David Hockney’s paintings.

Designer chose fabrics with lines, small checks as well as reflection materials to express the bricks and pools in Hockney’s paintings.



Fashion is not to follow, but to create.”

Syanne graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology and majored in Fashion Design.

She was chosen to exhibit her graduation design in the annual exhibition at FIT.

Syanne believes a good RTW designer must know his or her customers first.

During her study program, she worked as an intern for MO & CO retail department.

After her experience in the retail field, she interned at Jill Stuart, RHIE, and Charles Warren as an assistant designer.

Before she started her brand, she worked at a well-known New York based pattern-making company called WERKSTATT, which made patterns for designer brands such as JASON WU, COACH, MAIYET, MM LAFLEUR, PROTAGONIST and RHIE.

Syanne then established Moi.LeRoi in 2016 in New York.

The studio that it was established in was close to the Fashion District, providing excellent resources.

This perfect location adheres to Syanne’s belief in that the best resources can create the best products.

Moi. LeRoi was selected as a “BLACK SHEEP” on Not Just A Label.

It was also named as one of the top 10 potential brands in MODE during Shanghai Fashion Week.

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