MTV Star gets Devastating News on Episode Thursday!

Camila Nakagawa gets some devastating news on MTV’s The Challenge Rivals III episode, but she wanted to share this exclusive video to remind people that although life is full of it’s own tough “challenges” you have to learn how to use them for the good, and inspire, encourage, and help others.

This is all very hard for me but I’m trying to find ways to use it for a bigger cause,” she says.

Camila is currently in talks with MTV to produce a documentary series titled “100 Things that Matter”  where she will challenge people to do one hundred things that matter to them.

Camila will be available for interviews and working with Mountain Dew in an event Thursday,  June 16th.

 Fans can tune into MTV‘s periscope Thursday at 2pm to see The Challenge competitors compete in NY

More About Camila Nakagawa: 

While Camila’s fans are loving this season of “The Challenge: Rivals III” (MTv’s Real World spin-off, which began airing May 4), the fiery Brazilian bombshell just wrapped up her 8th season on the show in Mexico,  and is currently working on funding a documentary with a great cause.

Camila plans to film this documentary during the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, which will showcase not only the beautiful aspects of Brazil, but the plight of Brazil’s many street children.

 Camila recently partnered with non profit organizations like Street Children United, to show how many non-profit organizations are working to make Brazil better.

The Brazilian bombshell exploded on the reality scene with her fiery passion and competitive spirit in 2010.

This season on “The Challenge,” Camila was paired with her biggest enemy, Tony Raines.  The once-shy Brazilian girl has blossomed into a firecracker with a healthy appetite for fun.

Camila’s drive and personality keep MTV and fans hungry for more.  Camila is now a regular on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards and Movie Awards.


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