N-P Elliott NYFWM FW2018 photos by Cheryl Gorski

N-p-Elliott Fall/Winter 2018 

“Scottish Twist” 

by Austin Velarde
N-p-Elliott’s wonderfully crafted Fall/Winter 2018 show took traditional Scottish attire and added a visually appealing urban twist.
Tweed gathered and stalker pants, ornamental Sporrans along with green and red tartan ankle-length skirts were the focal points of the collection.
Additionally, velvet fanny packs, tote bags, and tennis bags perfectly culminated together with the rest of the collection.
Highlighting the show were tweed overalls with utilitarian pockets and a burgundy/white ornamental Sporran worn by Jean Chang of Red Models.
A toast colored MadMax long jacket and a multicolored knitted vest with a vintage vibe were two pieces that also stood out in the collection.
A noticeably well paired multi-pocketed blue denim jacket and clay-brown turtleneck created another great look from the collection.
Overall, designer Nicholas P. Elliott presented his Scottish heritage with a very interesting urban appeal creating a dynamic collection that is easily transitioned off the runway.

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