Never forget your wallet at home again



Voyager Smart-World’s Most Functional Smart Wallet


A smart wallet that connects to your smartphone, so that you never lose your wallet or phone again!
Voyager Smart Wallet is smart, versatile, sleek and affordable. Packed with smart technology & handcrafted with premium full-grain leather Voyager Smart is designed to meet all your carrying needs:
• Distance Alarm
• Wallet Locator
• Phone Locator
• Take a Selfie using Voyager Smart
•  Integrated Pen & Notepad (Fits 2 Passports)

All your travel needs stored & protected from loss, fitting right into your pocket.

At Cuir Ally, we are redefining the way you carry your belongings.

Our products are designed around what it needs to carry – not the other way around.

This ground-up, minimalistic design approach has helped us eliminate the clutter and focus on what’s important: to give you products that speak for themselves. 

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