Nina Garcia Joins True Gault team as an Advisor!

Revolutionary Fashion-Tech Brand, True Gault (

We are announcing the formal launch today of its smart phone all that will forever redefine the relationship between women and their heels – and that NINA GARCIA (Creative Director of Marie Claire, Project Runway judge) has joined the True Gault team as an Advisor!

True Gault has created its own proprietary patent pending fit formula by pioneering 3D measuring that captures the biomechanics and measurements of each person’s individual feet – all via their iPhone (5 or higher).

New York, NY (July 31st, 2017): Revolutionary fashion-tech brand, True Gault ( announces its formal launch today of its smart phone app that will, forever redefine the relationship between women and their heels. True Gault has created its own proprietary patent pending fit formula by pioneering 3D measuring that captures the biomechanics and measurements of each person’s individual feet – all via their iPhone phone (5 or higher). Today, Founder & CEO, Sandra Gault and her team are pleased to announce that fashion and business icon, Nina Garcia (Creative Director of Marie Claire, Project Runway judge) has joined the team as an Advisor.
True Gault, not only makes gorgeous shoes that fit, but offers a quick (less than 10 minutes!) and fun customer experience. The customer takes three pictures of each foot via the iPhone app, and the smart technology generates her unique size and a 3D model of each foot, making traditional sizing irrelevant. The result is an innovative shopping experience, and a custom pair of heels, made to order, delivered in less than four weeks and backed by the True Gault Fit Guarantee.
American women buy more than five hundred million pairs of dress shoes each year – with an estimated 90% of women suffering from an improper fit. True Gault averts shoppers from an endless search for sizes and from settling for pinching, scraping, squeezing, limping and sacrificing style for comfort.
Shoppers are then empowered to “design” their shoes from a luxe selection of 20+ styles, colors, heel heights (2” or 4” at present) and materials: 40+ leathers, patents and fabrics (and growing). Users forego traditional sizing in exchange for a personalized individual sized shoe that fits like a glove with no pain, pressure or teetering.
True Gault heels are hand made in Spain. Within just four weeks, a shopper will receive her custom-made heels to her doorstep. “True” to the sizing complexities of each individual foot, her new heels are guaranteed to fit properly. If not, True Gault will make the necessary adjustments until the shoes fit perfectly. Users can easily provide feedback directly via their iPhone.
Once a user measures her feet once, there is no need to repeat – the True Gault app stores the metrics so customers can simply purchase shoes without ever having to select size, and the possibilities are endless! Styles are stored digitally within the True Gault system, so favorites will never be discontinued no matter the season.
True Gault Advisor, Nina Garcia, commented, “What makes me so excited about True Gault is that not only am I a shoe lover, but I have always been a promoter of technology. True Gault is a rare combination that strikes the perfect balance between tech and fashion, solving a widely known problem for the consumer and the industry as a whole.”
Founded by tech visionary and a self-proclaimed ‘geek in high heels,’ Founder and CEO, Sandra Gault, has over 20 years of experience building businesses, and specifically honed her skills in imaging technology with Kodak and IBM. “I was baffled by the notion that women everywhere simply accept that looking great in high heels means discomfort,” remarked Gault. “With our technology and market model, we’re reinventing the bespoke experience. Each pair of shoes is one-of-a-kind, just like the shopper herself.”
True Gault is built on a direct to consumer business model, and has already attracted attention in the tech community, having been accepted as 1 of 8 companies to the ultra-esteemed Google Accelerated Growth Program, which is an incubator program for selected startups (past Google “incubated” companies include the likes of Warby Parker, Casper and Dollar Shave Club). True Gault has been in soft launch phase until now, having already identified proof of concept with over 1,000+ pairs sold to date. Through predictive data, the company is able to analyze customer information and thus get ‘smarter’ as it grows.
The shoes are positioned at a contemporary price point, focused on making a luxury, bespoke experience available to a wide demographic of women everywhere. Personalized shoes range between $250-$350, and True Gault proudly guarantees an exceptional, unparalleled fit for unmatched comfort and style that is authentic to – and ultimately created by – the shopper herself
About True Gault
True Gault uses 3D imaging technology to scan women’s feet and makes beautiful shoes that fit – all via an iPhone (version 5 or higher). Women can buy shoes online, but size doesn’t guarantee fit. To remedy the hassle and (often physical) pain, True Gault created an iPhone app and produces hand crafted shoes from Spain, backed by their guaranteed fit. With True Gault’s innovative technology, women no longer have to sacrifice style for fit, or vice versa – they can truly have it all.
About Founder & CEO, Sandra Gault
“Fashion should fit you; not the other way around.” The idea emerged as Sandra stood in painful designer heels at a party, realizing that no amount of compliments could make her feel at ease. It was then she vowed that every woman – regardless of age, size, or shape of her feet – deserved a beautiful pair of heels that she could wear all day long, in perfect comfort and confidence. So she channeled her three passions – fashion, business, and technology – into True Gault.
Sandra has over 20 years of experience in building business, leveraging technologies, and leading teams. Her experience at Kodak and IBM Corporation refined her skills in imaging technology to achieve her vision of customizing high-fashion shoes of the highest quality. Before bringing True Gault to life, Sandra pursued an apprenticeship to learn the art of shoe-making, then researched to find the perfect craftsmen and manufacturing facility to support her endeavor.

True Gault is Sandra’s true passion. She never sets foot anywhere without a pair of these true-fit shoes. To date she has taken over 1,875,430 steps, or walked 558 miles, in her True Gault shoes.

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